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Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

The Last One

You’re the last one for me

You are my life, the last for me.
Forever ... with me ..
We're always together ..
Navigate the vast sea of love ..
With you I feel ..
Warm embrace of your love .. love .. affection ..
I want to be with you ..
I always want to hug you ..
Love, like right now ..
Did you feel it?
Just like me?
Feel how big your shadow on my brain ..
Sometimes I'm frustrated ..
Can not I just forget for a second?
But now, I know the answer ..
Yes, can not ..
But I do not need to be scared and frustrated again ..
Because now, you'll always be by my side ..
Together, till in Heaven ..
I also will always be with you ..
Therefore I want to ..
And it also do you want ..
God would allow us together
Yes, I'm sure of it ..
As long as we are still within the limit ..
I will always love you ..
Love you ..
Because you're the last one for me

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